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Commercial Kitchen Rental for Culinary Entrepreneurs
Produce your food products in a commercial kitchen and take them to marketplace




Clients must have a Food Service Manager's Certificate (FSMC) and be registered with the City of Dallas.







Registered Food Service Manager Application (Adobe PDF)

Registered Food Service Manager Information



Make an appointment to receive business advising, free of charge, from your local SBDC.  Business advisors analyze your business venture and help you develop your tools for growth: a good business plan, financial analysis, and a marketing strategy. They help you identify sources of financing and develop a financing proposal. They also offer workshops and a variety of seminars.



Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) is an insurance company that specializes in providing liability coverages for food professionals including those who prepare food at Culinary Kitchens & Beyond.  FLIP was designed to ensure that professionals in the food industry have the coverages they need to protect their business finances. A few highlights of the FLIP program include:


● A+ Rated Insurance Carriers

● Convenient Online Purchasing

● A No Quote Process

● Instant Coverage

● 24/7 Access to Policy Documents

● Free Unlimited Additional Insureds

● Licensed in all 50 States


To learn more about FLIP, please click here.

To purchase a FLIP policy and include Culinary Kitchen & Beyond as an additional insured, please click here.


Act insurance





Evaluate the Plate is a nutritional analysis and consulting company serving the needs of culinary entrepreneurs, caterers, restaurants and food producers of all sizes.  All you have to do is provide your recipes and a few other details, and you will receive a report of everything you will need.  They can also help tweak your recipes to be more health conscious.  Evaluate the Plate is local to Dallas and can connect you with local laboratory analysis companies as well.


Bird Duncan, MS, RD/LD, Owner

Evaluate the Plate, LLC | Dallas, TX

p: 972.996.1695 | f: 972.996.7795


For One-On-One Support, Contact a Business Assistance Center.  Resources, workshops and one-on-one assistance are available for anyone interested in starting a small business with 5 or fewer employees (a microenterprise.)

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