Commercial Kitchen Rental
for Culinary Entrepreneurs


Exclusive Kitchen Rental Fee

Membership covers a 6 month period from the client start date. This fee helps cover the cost of annual permit renewals, gas, water, electricity, tri-weekly trash removal, monthly pest control, quarterly grease trap disposal, freezer/cooler use and temperature monitoring, equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning service, cleaning chemicals and kitchen supplies.

If you only need the kitchen for a one-time event, the $350 membership fee does NOT apply.

There is a one-time event fee of $100 + your hourly kitchen rental at $30 per hour (4 hour minimum).

One-Time Event Fee $100

Rental rate for an exclusive event is determined case-by-case depending on the event. Please contact Raquel Mireles to discuss your event.

Rental rate is $30 per hour

Minimum (4) hours per month

6 Month Membership Fee $350

Note: Health Permit and Inspection Reports only provided to members.